Published on May 17, 2020 Updated on May 28, 2020

The In Vivo Imaging Auvergne (IVIA) platform brings together several areas of expertise such as :

  • Molecular imaging (CT, SPECT-CT, PET-small animal)
  • Optical imaging (bioluminescence & fluorescence)
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (two 11.7T and 4.7T MRIs, 1 9.4T NMR microscope, one hyperpolarizer)
  • Diagnostic and interventional radiology (Conventional angiograph, two ultrasound scanners, one endoscopy column-animal-LCE and ISIT, CT, SPECT/CT small animal

This platform has been IBISA certified since December 2018.

More information: IVIA website